Free Class!

  Last week I mentioned that I was going to be offering a free version of My “Reclaiming Your Creative Life” class free, on-line, in exchange for a little feedback on how well the webinar platform I am using works. If you are interested in taking part, it will be on July 5th, at 7... Continue Reading →

A Free Offer to My Readers

A note and free offer to my readers.  I am in the process of changing my platform for doing on-line meetings and classes. Sometime next week, I will be running a free trial - a free version of a class I do, aimed at helping people who have gotten away from their creativity recover the... Continue Reading →

Are You Uncomfortable Yet?

I began my work as a consultant/coach almost six years ago. And in that time I have learned this: That the most important question to ask yourself before bringing a consultant or coach into your life or work has nothing to do with what you want, or their credentials or the project itself. I didn't... Continue Reading →


Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Combining my business, arts and church blogs into one. Less work for me. And maybe some cross pollination as people were exposed to other sides of me. Silly me. I’ve been chewed up by readers this past week or so. Or a least a lot... Continue Reading →


I am making some changes in my blog. Actually, I am making some changes in all my blogs. You see, I have several. One for my work as a coach and consultant. One for my work as a pastor. One for my poems, essays, and photography. One for my affirmations and memes. One for my... Continue Reading →

The Children are Right

The Children are Right The children are right. All you have to do is shut your eyes, and breath, and believe, and fly. About this poem Sometimes. Mostly. We make it too complicated. Whatever “it” is. Tom

The Cost of Poor Leadership

If you could do one thing, just one thing, that would improve your organization, increase sales and profitability, lower turnover and create a more engaged workforce, would you? There is such a thing. It's called leadership. And the studies show that more than anything we can do for our organizations, building better leaders makes a... Continue Reading →

Two Steps to Getting “There”

"So, tell me," a potential client asked me, "what makes you the best?" I laughed. I am not in the habit of laughing at my clients, and I almost never laugh at potential clients. It's bad form. Rude. But sometimes I can't help it. You see, people are under the impression that we coaches and... Continue Reading →

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