Less. More. The Size of the Steps

From my poetry blog Monday morning:

Less. More.

Somehow, when I do less,
go slower,
I do more.

Don’t ask me to explain
the whys.
Some things are true without science.

Just ask your heart,
the woman you love,
and the God you worship.

About this poem.

Listen: too often, when we are in the throes of excitement on a project or chasing a dream, we launch into it, trying to do everything at once, taking big leaps into the void.

Now and again the bit leaps and flurries of activity work. More often, much more often, they cause us to burn out, crash and burn, beat ourselves up. No my friends. Small steps, every day small steps, are the way. Science has studied and proved it. My own experience and the experience of coaching since 2011 has proved it.

So slow down. Enjoy the journey, particularly since taken with small steps, you know you are going to get “there” (Where ever your “there” might be.).

Be well. Travel wisely,


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