Four new Seminars for the new year.

I will be leading a series of four seminars to help start off 2018 and create the life you want. Whether professionally, personally, or creatively, there is something here for everyone. Sign up and let's stop saying "Someday" and make it happen! Click on whichever seminar(s) interests you and learn more! Tom Don't wait! SIGN... Continue Reading →

What Do You Want, Really?

I am running away for a day and going to the beach tomorrow. Why? Because I need a reset day. Life and work have been way too busy the past month or so and I am worn down. I plan to do exactly nothing. Stare at the horizon. Daydream. Meditate. Maybe paint. Maybe not. Why?... Continue Reading →

The Art of Savoring

This morning I went to my favorite diner in Pawlet, Vermont. I had sausage gravy, something the cook rustled up for me simply because I mentioned it in passing yesterday. The coffee was extra strong, a good thing. Tom Petty and Joe Cocker were playing on the stereo. I worked for a couple of hours.... Continue Reading →

Spirit and Profit

Spirituality is no longer taboo. Mainstream Publications such as the Washington Post and New York Times regularly write about spirituality in life and at work. Oprah and her empire has risen largely on a focus on spirituality that isn't about religion at all. More and more often now, you will see pieces on spirituality in... Continue Reading →

How long is it going to take?

I am in the change business. I have been most of my life. In my work as a transformational coach, I help individuals move from where they are in their personal and professional lives, to where they want to be. As a business consultant, I help develop start ups and initiatives. I help my clients... Continue Reading →

Night After Night

This morning, as I was reading in (of all things) Sports Illustrated, I came on an excerpt from Bruce Springsteen's biography, Born to Run and Peter King's commentary: “He’s 20 years old, everybody at the Jersey Shore loves him, but he’s unknown nationally, and a good friend and adviser tells him, ‘If you really want... Continue Reading →

The Work

The woman in my life, the woman I love and is now my bride, has been after me to write something about “doing the work” for ages. I have some time between appointments today to write, so here we go… I am a creature of habit. I am not certain if I always was, or... Continue Reading →

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