Why Wait?

Maybe this is the year.

Maybe this is the year you act on your dreams. Maybe you have a plan. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you have New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you don’t, but you have a vague idea that this is the year. When you turn things around. Shift. Break your patterns. Maybe you think, you will begin on (pick a date) the new year, your birthday, an anniversary of work or life. You have the date in mind, whatever it is.

My question is… why wait? Just start. Do it. Pick a path. Pick a mentor. Pick the first step and do it.

Don’t wait any longer. Do. Begin.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. So start the change. Screw the date. Start preparing your spirit. Start doing the work. Do anything. Begin anywhere.

But whatever you do, stop waiting. Begin.

Be well. Travel wisely,



Tom Atkins. author of The Wisdom Letters is a coach, consultant, speaker, writer, artist, and part-time pastor. His life and work is built around helping people and organizations reach their goals. Living in Vermont and serving clients worldwide.

Site: www.quarryhouse.us
Online Courses: https://quarry-house1.teachable.com/
email: tom@quarryhouse.us

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