A Question to Finish the Old Year.

New Year’s! It is a month away.

And New Year is a time when we often decide to make the changes we have always wanted to make. The big changes. The “change our life” changes. The changes of success as we want it.

Let me make a suggestion. There’s a zillion books and webinars out there claiming they will change your life. And mostly, they say the same thing. They have what are proven processes to get from point A to point B in our lives. Pick any one and you can make major moves towards your goals.

But here is my experience after a decade of coaching. Most of my clients have had other coaches, taken other programs. Se we begin with a different question. Not what does success look like, but what does it feel like? How does it touch our spirit? And what in our spirit causes us to settle for less, or give up, or (let’s say the word softly) fail?

Because my ten years have taught me that technique is not enough. Real success. Sustained success. The kind that sticks with us, starts not with stuff to do, but by looking inward at our own spirit. Strengthening that spirit. Protecting it.

So spend some time looking inward. I have changed my whole approach to coaching based on learning, building, and making sure my client’s spirits are protected. I am working on a new set of classes, and a whole new coaching platform, all based on our spirit and our spiritual lives. (look for it around the first of the year).

In the meanwhile, you can do a lot of the work yourself, by looking inward before launching into a program, any program. We all do process well,. But do the people you have around you also feed, grow, nourish, encourage and protect your spirit – or don’t. Which is it? Let that be the big question for December and as you go into the new year, and the new you.

Be well. Travel wisely,


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