Something. New.

Earlier this morning, I wrote the following poem on my poetry blog. But in a way, it also has a place here, for anyone seeking a full success that includes the spirit, not just the trappings. So I modified the comments to focus on my focus here on The Wisdom Letters – your success.

Something. New.

There is fog in the air as you drive to town,
a mist more than a rain, fading the snow
that fell during the night, that hangs
on the limbs and wires, waiting for wind or thaw,
for the something next, whatever will shake
off the heavy white weight.

There is something in the air. You can feel it.
Not wind exactly, maybe a shift in temperature
or light, something inperceptable, except
you do perceive it, in ways you cannot express.
a change. Something new approaching,
perhaps like a wolf in the night,
perhaps like a lover. Something.

About this poem.

It snowed last night. The first real snow of the year, late this year, a heavy snow that leaves the landscape silent and still. I have no idea whether the weather will warm or not. The picture was taken on the way to town this morning.

I have been living in this strange sense that there are changes coming in my life and work. I have no idea what, but there is a certainty that it is happening. And that it will be good. So for now, I simply enjoy the beautiful moments, and wait for it, that something. New.

How about you? Are you in that place? Almost there? Waiting? Let me make a suggestion – Wait in action.

In other words, if you want change. Don’t just put it out there in your mind. Put it out there by talking about it. By doing things that might trigger change. The things you do may not be where you ultimately end up, but the universe/God seems to reward people who do something, anything, to move from point A to point B.

So do something to move yourself forward. If it fails, don’t worry. The universe/God is still listening. If it sees you making the effort. It knows you are serious, and parts of the universe will be rearranged to bring you success. Thinking this way, you realize that so-called “failures” may be far more successful than you thought.

Be well. Travel wisely,



  1. Speaking of the future as if it has already occurred/arrived is one of the keys to “manifesting” magic. Based on my personal experience, it is highly effective.

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