Have You Made Your Appointment with Success?

Top view desk,Modern office desk Workspace with laptop computer, coffee cup, glasses,notebook and office supplies for Working background concept.

It is about mid day on Monday. I am maybe a third of the way through my workday. I finish a task, look at my to-do list and my calendar and attack the next one.

I take time each week, and each morning, to look at my day and plan. There’s always something to do. Always. But I look for something in my calendar that some people don’t. I look for my appointment with success.

“Wait? You can make an APPOINTMENT with success?” Absolutely.

Each day, as I look at my list of to-do’s I make sure there is at least, (AT LEAST) one item on the calendar that moves me towards my bigger goals in life and work. What we schedule, we accomplish. What we prioritize, we accomplish.

Work, not wishes, gets us there, where ever your “There” is.

So take another look at your calendar. Have you scheduled your success today? Do it. Now.

Be well. Travel wisely,


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