A self-accountability trick

One of the keys to success is planning. Another one is accountability. We are more successful when we feel accountable to someone for doing what we set out to do. In my case, I make myself accountable to myself with a little two minute a day trick. Let me share it with you.

Many of us use a planner. my favorite is the planner from This Is My Era, but the trick will work on any planner. Whether your planner is a simple calendar, or a full system for naming, setting up and accomplishing your goals, it has a calendar component where you write down who you are seeing or what you are doing each day. (In the picture above it is the daily schedule section)

At the end of each day, I take that calendar, look at what I have done, and use a highlighter to mark what things I did that day that ACTUALLY MOVED ME FORWARD on my goals. Do that every day for a week or so, and you become acutely aware of whether you are really working towards your goals, or jut giving them lip service. It can change the way you schedule your life.

Be well. Travel wisely,


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