The Date Doesn’t Matter

2020 Happy New Year background. Seasonal greeting card template.

Happy New Year!

OK, I know it’s the sixth of January, almost a week late, but bear with me, if you will.

If you are like me, you do some thinking in that week between Christmas (or choose whatever holiday you celebrate.) and New Year’s. It’s a traditional day when we make resolutions, think about what we want to change or grow or re-invent.

The news media is full of articles about Resolutions. You can read about how to choose them. You can read about how to increase your chances of keeping them. Or, if you are more of a pessimist, you can read about how the average person goes only a few weeks before abandoning their resolutions.

It is the same for individuals and companies. We all have ambitions. We all have goals. We all want to move forward. And often, it is around the new year that we choose to start.

But what if we miss the day? What if, like me, you have an insane week between Christmas and the New Year? What if you are distracted. If you can’t find the time or focus to set your goals, make your plans, begin?

It happens all the time. And for many people or companies, if we miss the date, we tend to simply not begin. But here’s the thing….

The Date Doesn’t Matter

That’s right. The Date doesn’t matter. The day, the month, even the year doesn’t matter. The date is a convenient and symbolic thing that resonates with us because our society has trained us to give it meaning.

But it doesn’t matter. Your real new year begins when you decide. When you decide to move from daydreaming to doing. When we sit down and map out our thoughts, our plans, our goals, our dreams, and then begin a plan. Actual, firm goals, with steps to get there, and putting in place the tools to help you.

That’s your real new year

Forget the calendar. Just start.


PS –in my last post, I talk about planners and made an offer for a free planner to anyone who likes, comments or direct messages me about planners. The planner is the same one I use, the “This Is My Era” planner. More than a calendar, it is a workbook and powerful tool to take your dreams and make them happen. That offer continues for two more weeks.

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