Do You Believe?

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I got another one today. I get several of them every month. A comment. An email. Always the same question. Do you really believe anything is possible?

Yeah. At the risk of seeming pollyannaish, I do. Let me explain why.

First and foremost, I’ve experienced it. I’ve made and remade my life several times. Sometimes the remaking was forced on me and I had to make the most of it. More times I chose the change, making my life and work fit around my priorities at the time. On the surface, the lives I’ve made and remade made no sense, but when I needed to make a change, the change happened.

I’ve seen it happen for my clients. For the companies and individuals and organizations, I work for and serve. I’ve been part of startups that made no sense, and went on to be major players in their industry. I’ve worked with people who wanted, desired, needed to make changes in their life. And I have seen them do the work, apply the process, and stay the course, making the “anything” happen. See the same thing and the same results happen again and again, and you begin to believe it.

Books and scholars back it up. I am a rabid reader of self-help books for individuals and business. I constantly take courses and webinars. Clear away the jargon and you begin to see that they all pretty much say the same thing. And that same thing is how I’ve managed to live and change my life, and how my clients and colleagues have done the same.

So yeah, I believe anything is possible. And it’s not pie in the sky. I believe it because experience has shown me it is true. And people way smarter than me have shown us the way. And while the path is different for each of us, the process is the same. And it begins with belief. Enough belief that we begin.

Is it time to believe in yourself and do? Yeah. I think so. Because anything is possible.

Be well. Travel wisely,



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