Life as a Start-Up

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When we think of startups, we tend to think of corporations.

I have been blessed to be on the ground floor of multiple successful startups during my life and career. I have had the chance to be a part of three startups directly. All three were in the technology field, focusing on broadcast, AV and Media-Centric IT, and went from an idea to companies that ended up growing to tens of millions, and later hundreds of millions of dollars revenue. I have also, as a consultant, had the opportunity to work with half new companies as they planned and marketed their launches.

That’s what we think when we think of startups. And in thinking that way, we sell the idea of startup short and we miss opportunities for success.

The truth is this. Startups are everywhere. A business that wants to rethink a business model is a startup. Creating a new division or product line is a startup. But so is deciding on life changes, a new career, a new ministry or service, launching your artistic hobby into a business.

And if you want to make changes in your life, one of the best ways to make sure that change happens, and is successful, is to treat it like a startup.

There’s good news in this. You see, we pretty much know what the steps are in creating a successful startup. (hint, some of those steps are in the picture at the top of this page.). There’s no mystery in it. There’s process. Step by step paths to getting what we want, creating what we want, changing what we want.

In every successful startup I have ever been a part of, people began with ideas, but unlike people who never accomplish their goals, they DID something. They took a process, whether it was supplied by a book, an online program, or a coach/consultant, and followed it through.

Which one you choose has less to do with the program and process, as the actual starting to do the work, and the persistence to see something through. Nearly every failure I have seen came from, not bad advice or a bad system, but the inability or unwillingness to stay the course and finish. Near every victory came from consistent working of the process people and organizations chose.

Books and on-line programs are cheap and for people who are self-motivated and self encouraged, they are a great resource.

Coaches and consultants work too. They are better for those who need some motivation and encouragement when progress comes slowly, or who need help sorting through options and paths.

The ROI on both are incredible when they are worked. When you stick with them and do the work.

You want to make a change? You want to rethink yourself, your company, your ministry, or build something new. There’s a path and there is no mystery to it. Be honest with yourself about how you work best, the time you have to coach and mentor yourself and the key people in your organization. Be honest with yourself and pick a process that works. Be honest with yourself and ask, am I willing to work at it (whatever it is.) to see it through.

If you are, you can have success. Every time.

Every time.

Be well. Travel wisely,


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