Patience and Success


More and more, I find that my poems illustrate my coaching and consulting philosophies. For instance, today’s poem:

The Salt Marsh

The salt marsh at high tide teems with life.
You won’t see it at first, but wait.
Wait and watch and listen. You will see it.
A flitter at first. A ripple. A rustle.
The longer you are still, the more life you see.

About this poem. 

The older I get, the more I learn by being still.

The picture is of the salt marsh at the end of Provincetown, Massachusetts. One of my favorite places. I think it is partially because it reminds me of the mill pond and Blackwater Swamp in Surry County, Virginia, where my favorite grandfather lived. Only with horizons.

But at the same time, the poem illustrates one of the biggest issues I run into when coaching and consulting. People want results instantly. But to get the best results, we have to take some time to look, and listen and see differently. It takes time and the willingness to wait for dramatic results. To see what bubbles up when we give it time. Because the stuff that bubbles up is ALWAYS the key, not the first blush ideas.

If we take that time, we set ourselves up for far more success, far more progress, and far more growth, than if we are impatient.

And that’s a whole different kind of poetry.

Be well. Travel wisely,



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One comment

  1. I just discovered your blog, Tom. I love this poem and the marshy picture that accompanies it. When you wrote, “…to get the best results, we have to take some time to look, and listen and see differently,” I knew you were a poet/blogger whose Wisdom Letters will resonate with me. I’ll be back! ❤

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