Six Questions


Nearly every day I write in my journal. Most days, twice a day. When I do, I often begin by asking myself some questions.

What one thing will move me forward today?

What is the most important thing I can do for my clients today?

What one person do I want to touch especially today?

What am I feeling this moment?

What can I do to calm my spirit today?

What one thing can I do to grow today?

And at the end of the day, I often reflect on the questions, and look at my day. How did I do? Did I do that one thing in each of the questions? If not, why not, and were the things I did instead as important as what I wanted to do in the morning? I don’t beat myself up if I didn’t. But I do (and I think this is important.) celebrate the small victories when I do.

Does it help?

I think so. It starts my day with intentions. With a sorting out of the most important things, and having done this in the morning. I am better able to keep the important things at the front of my mind. They don’t get as lost as often.

Will it work for everyone? I have no idea. But it might. It’s simple. It touches on what most of us say are the important things in our life. And it’s an action. Actions are what make change and growth.

So, if you feel you are floundering and rudderless, you might try it. Your questions might be a little different. But don’t make your list too long. Pick five or six things. It’s a small, definite change that can make a big, big difference.

Be well. Travel wisely,


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