Picking Paths

This morning, I wrote the following poem on my poetry blog:

Brazen and Shiftless

You watch it from a distance
as the wind shifts from land to sea
and back again, hoping for an omen
in the brazen, shiftless wind,
something to give you confidence
that the path you are taking is the right one,
when the truth is far less superstitious:
you choose your path and walk it
and somehow there are beautiful things
whichever way you go.

There is a truth in this one for all of us reaching for our own personal success, whatever that might be.

Too often we fret over this choice or that choice, trying hard to pick the perfect choice. When you consider that every day we are faced with choices that influence what we do and where we are going in our lives, all that fretting often ends up meaning nothing happens at all, or it can mean we pick one direction one time and another direction the next time, living in this place of uncertainty.

Let me share something I have learned over the years. Yes, every decision matters, but probably less than we believe. Good stuff lies in any direction we choose, and choosing a path and staying on it for a time gets us far closer to our dreams than going back and forth, or fretting.

I am not saying it does not matter, only that there are joys and wonderful things no matter what path you choose. It is only in the NOT choosing that we stall ourselves out. So pick a path, do the work and watch it happen.

For those of us who see truth in the Law of Attraction, this is particularly important. Tell the universe/god/whateveryoucallit what you want, and keep changing your mind or hesitating, and you don’t give it time to rebuild reality to help your dreams along. It will sit things out till you stick with something for a while. So, (repeating myself) do the work and watch it happen.

Robert Frost was wrong on this one.

Be well. Travel wisely,


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