Success. Simplified.

If you keep up with Quarry House’s social media (Web Site, Facebook, Linked In, Twittter), then you have seen a change in the banners, all based on an evolution in what I do.

First, here’s what I do here:

I am a coach and consultant for people or companies who want to change their life and culture to one of leadership and self-empowerment.

I help companies market more effectively.

I provide a variety of business consulting services, helping clients revamp processes, create the corporate culture they want, simplify and unify what they do into a more coherent, effective whole.

I write, photograph, create art, teach, do on-line classes,  and am a bi-vocational pastor.

I am a motivational speaker.

I act as a consultant/project manager for large scale project

Sounds like a lot, but I have always worked in sort of a “Renaissance Man” manner, doing a variety of things, but working on a singular focus on success for my clients and customers. After a decade of Quarry House, I know what sets me apart: The ability to break down and simplify success. No matter who my clients are.

As I enter my second decade of Quarry House, I wanted to bring the focus there: To Success. To Simplicity.

Be well. Travel wisely,


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