Curves on the Road to Simplicity

I am busy working on a Quarry House community. It is turning out to be quite a complex affair, with all sorts of e-mails, blog posts, automations, making of videos….. just a host of things that have to tie together and interconnect with each other. It’s pretty complex and I have spent a lot of the last month working on it.

It’s pretty complex, but the end goal is simplicity. When it is all done, much of it will work on autopilot. I will be able to do two or three times the work and connecting with clients and doing more of the work I love, and less of the grunt work that is part of every business.

Here’s the moral.

Sometimes we have to go through a spate of complexity to get to simplicity. This is something that is true in our lives and it’s true in almost any kind of work we do. SImplicity has power, but sometimes the path to simplicity is, well, not too simple.

Keep the end goal in mind. And make sure your path is leading you there. Even if it’s a bit curvey and hilly at the start.

Be well. Travel wisely,


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