Size Doesn’t Matter

businessman legs walking the stairs in modern city.

For those of you who wonder where I have been the past month, I apologize. I had cancer surgery a month ago and have basically lost the last month. Last week I began working again, about half time, and this week I am hoping to get back to something near full time. (If you are interested in the journey, you can go to my poetry and essay blog, Quarry House, and search for Cancer and read about it, up to now.)

I am a doer. I don’t like not moving forward, and before all the cancer diagnosis, tests, surgery and recovery, I was on a good trajectory to make some changes in work and life.  I was pretty excited. Then Kabloey!

If feels like a lost month. I don’t mind telling you. I don’t think you realize how busy you are and all the things you are involved in until life forces you to stop. At first, you don’t care. You hurt and all you want to do is heal past the pain.

But it does not take long before you are in that half way place, where you can think beyond the pain, but your body is not in a place where you can do much. The least thing leaves you wasted and heading for a nap.

But, I discovered, there is always something you can do to move forward. In my case, I had, before the surgery, located some on line classes I could take to update my skills in marketing and coaching and leadership. I could take them at my pace, while stretched out on the sofa, in bits and pieces. And so a few weeks into recovery, while I have not DONE much, I have moved myself forward.

See, that’s the thing. There is almost always something we can do to move ourselves forward, to stretch towards our goals. The timing and speed matter less than that every day doing SOMETHING to move ourselves forward. Baby steps. Huge leaps. They all get you there.

Doing nothing doesn’t.

Take a look at your day. What are you doing to move yourself forward towards your dreams and goals today.


We can always do something. But we have to be conscious about it. Intentional. Deliberate. And proactive. Forget the size of the step.

Just make one.

Be well. Travel wisely,



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  1. I have had chronical pain since 2014, I rest but I do things, I clean my house, I embroider, I read, I write reviews from the books I read, I meditate and pray, I teach English for private students, although all pain, I rest but I like to move on. Nice writing, Tom, keep moving as well, recovering, resting but moving. Stay blessed, you are always on my prayers, everyday.

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