Patterns Never Lie

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I have spent most of my life looking for patterns. What works, consistently? What doesn’t, consistently? If I do this, what to the patterns tell me will happen? And if I do that, what does the pattern tell me what will happen?

That search for patterns has permeated my work, my ministries, and my personal life. It has taught me a few things about success, defining it and reaching it. It has taught me how to live. And it has shown me that getting what we want is generally simpler than we want to admit. That theme has filtered into my blog here for the past year or so, and seem to be meandering its way into a book.

Here’s something I have learned. I can tell whether a person or a company is going to succeed wildly, moderately, or hardly at all in the first conversation. And as good as I am at helping people and organizations get from where they are to where they want to be, it has very little to do with me.

It’s all about value and cost.

When I talk to a potential client and the conversation is focused on what they want, what they hope our work together will bring them, and the possibilities – then I know my work with them will be successful. We’ll get there.

When I talk to a potential client and the conversation is focused on cost, their success will be limited

Don’t get me wrong. Things cost. My work costs. This isn’t about the cost though, it’s about the focus.

People who focus on cost in the first conversation will miss the point. Everything has a cost, but if that cost brings you more value than you expend, then it’s worth it. If they are focused on cost, I can show them study after study that shows my kind of work will bring them an ROI between 300 and 700 percent in the long run, year after year, and they won’t see it. They won’t hire me, and a year, two or more years down the road, they will not be reaping that ROI.

The numbers don’t lie, but they don’t convince either. Because of their focus.

On the other hand, people and organizations focused first and foremost on their goals, possibilities, and impact, do succeed. It’s not that we don’t discuss cost. It’s not that the cost is more or less for them, but their focus tells me they will do the work, stick with it, and make it.

Cost focused people will give up before we get there, even if they hire me. Every time.

That’s why I offer 3 free coaching sessions to individuals, and free consulting sessions to companies. I’ll know before they do if they are going to make it. And whether or not they stick with me, they will get value. It’s a good trade-off. It prevents both of us from wasting time and money.

Is success that simple? No, there is work to be done, and it’s different for every person and organization. But attitude tells me everything I need to know about the eventual success.

Patterns never lie.

Be well. Travel wisely,



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