Zen stone garden





It matters less what you do,
than you do.

It matters less what you do
than you consistently do.

The enemy is inaction.
Surrendering to rumination.
to the lie that you can’t

or that you are not good enough,
smart enough,
whatever enough.

to become what you wish to be.
All that stuff is a lie.
Do the work, day after day,
a thing not romantic,

but effective,
and worry less about results
than progress,
than trajectory,

Most fo the things you worry about
are superfluous.
Most will never happen.
And the few that do,
you can handle.

So do. Action, they say, trumps anxiety.
And it is true
Most of us do not fail in our doing.
we fail in our refusal to cease fretting
and simply set about the work.

It is simpler than you think.
That is the truth.
Others have blazed the trail.
It’s all there in plain sight
waiting for you to begin
and stay with it.




Your dreams await you,


This started out as an essay, but because in my other life, I am a poet, it turned into a poem.

But the message is the same. Most of us fail to reach out goals because we wuss out. We don’t do the work. There is no secret to getting what we want. Books and authors and coaches and teachers (like me) have laid out the paths. (and yes, there is more than one path.)

It is not for the lack of knowledge, but for the lack of doing. We surrender too soon. We are lazy. We are afraid.

Stop being afraid. Go. Do. Live. Become.  You can do it.

Be well. Travel wisely,


Magnetic compass on a world map
Magnetic compass standing upright on a world map conceptual of global travel , tourism and exploration, with copyspace

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