What I want. What you want.

Inspirational stones - Create

What I Want

I want to write.
I want to paint and draw and create.
I want to sing and dance and the privilege of being silly.
I want to love and be loved.
I want a roof over my head and food on the table.
I want to sit at a cafe table in Venice for hours on end.
I want long conversations with God, my true love, and children.
I want to make a difference, to lift those around me
to where they too get
what they want.

About this poem

I had an unexpected coaching session early this morning with a new client, and after asking him what he wanted from life, he turned the tables and asked me what I wanted. This is what I told him.

At the time, I had no idea it was a poem.

It also served as a reminder that I have what I want. (Except for the trip to Venice, which has happened and will happen again, I am sure.)

What do you want? Do you know how to narrow it down so you can focus and find a path. Do you know what makes it happen?  Coaching can help. And I offer three free “Get What You Want” coaching sessions so you can see if coaching works for you.

That’s right. Free. No strings attached. Wanna give it a try?


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