I am making some changes in my blog.

Actually, I am making some changes in all my blogs. You see, I have several. One for my work as a coach and consultant. One for my work as a pastor. One for my poems, essays, and photography. One for my affirmations and memes. One for my artwork.

Following all the tenants of modern marketing, that’s the smart thing to do. It’s called micro-marketing or target marketing, and you create separate paths, each one tailored to a specific group, to draw them in. People who read poetry, the thinking goes, aren’t going to be interested in business reading. Business people aren’t into that touchy feely faith stuff. You get the idea.

But a new client recently blew that concept of micro-marketing right out of the water for me. I’ve known this guy for 20 years. I once hired him as an intern, gave him his start and watched him soar. He’s done remarkably well and is ready, twenty years later, to make some major life changes. He called on me out of the blue.

“Why me?” I asked. He lives in a major city. There are zillions of life coaches in big cities. High powered, well-known guys. The kinds of guys he works with all the time and would feel comfortable with. I live in Nowhere, Vermont. I run a small, low-key coaching practice. I like it that way, but I am not exactly the kind of guy this client normally works with.

“It’s because you do everything.” he said. “I don’t want a compartmentalized life any more. It’s too hard. I want everything to fit together better. And that’s what you do. “But,” he said. “You sure make it hard for people to realize that about you, with all your different blogs.”


I mean, I am the guy who writes about an integrated life, why it’s so important, how to do it, I teach it. In everything I do, from technology consulting, to coaching to preaching, I mix in elements of all the different things I do.

Screw modern marketing. I am going to practice what I preach.

Over the next few weeks, I will be combining my blogs into one. The one will be my Quarry House Blog.  If you like what you have been getting here, please go there and start following me from there.

When you do, you will start getting a mix of everything I do. Posts will be labeled, with new headers. Not just “Poems” or “Thoughts”, but also “Life”, “Work”, “Faith” and “Art”. Just ignore the stuff you are not interested in and read the stuff you are. Or read it all. You might find they all blend together in a way you like.

It will happen slowly. I get married in just a few days and will likely disappear for a week or so. And it will take time to do the technical part of the merging. But that’s where I am heading, so if you start seeing changes, you’ll know why. Eventually, I will be closing this one down. But all the articles will go to the Quarry House Blog.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your comments and letting me know when and how I make a difference. And thank you for bearing with my changes. Like everyone, I am still learning,

Be well. Travel Wisely,


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