Quote of the Week (QOTW)

“Simplicity of Character is the natural result of profound thought.”  – William Hazlitt

About QOTW

When I was in college, I was the only person on my hall who got a newspaper every day. I used to cut out news items and stick them on my door. Each week too, I would cut out a quote that struck me and tape it to the door as well. Many a time I would open my dorm room and find someone standing there that had been reading my door.

With the advent of e-mail, I began the “quote of the week” as an add on to my e-mails. And I continue to do that to this day. People are always asking for one of my back quotes and the truth is, I never cataloged them. So I decided to start posting them here. You can look for back quotes simply by looking up the “quotes” tag.

The link on the attribution will take you to the Wikipedia page about that person, for those of you who are nerdy about such things (like me)